All Redemption Codes in Genshin Impact

As many of you will already know Genshin Impact is down for the count when it comes to redemption codes. Well I have decided that maybe just one person has collected them all. So here are all the known redemption codes in genshin impact. If any other member wants to contribute please post your findings below.

The first code is all the way at the start of mission 1 when you get to your computer terminal and MUST be typed in real quickly before the message disappears off your screen.

where to put codes in genshin impact missions:

Mission 1:  At the start as you login to your computer terminal. Type it in quick or it will disappear and you won’t be able to get it for that save file.

Mission 2: After fighting through all the enemies and getting on the ATV, climb up the ladder there and to the right there is a green chest. The code should be inside the chest.

Mission 3: This happens in mission 3 when you get to point B, there is sometimes an optional route that leads to some loot including the redemption code.

Mission 4: After completing all objectives and getting onto one of the boats, turn around and head towards the lighthouse. There is a snail there with the code on it’s back. You’ll need to jump onto it and then jump onto the roof of the building near for at least 4 free-falls before you grab onto something to climb up and get your redemption code.

Mission 5: After clearing the enemies around the building and activating the switch to open up the water gate, head through that gate. A little ways after you will see the code on a big rock on an island.

How to redeem codes

There are a total of 30 redemption codes in Genshin impact I’m pretty sure this is all of them so keep checking so you don’t miss one! As for future updates I will just update this page if there are any new redemption codes. Also if a code works on a mission it should work for all save files so you can collect them all at once and not have to repeat the “missions” in Genshin impact because you forgot or missed a code. I hope this helps everyone complete their lists!

List of all redemption codes

Mission 1  – AUR3L7QEGT

Mission 2  – X5XW87JXS

Mission 3  – 6K4MFPLV0

Mission 4  – MEWAC96F6

Mission 5  – CERLEX2EX

What you can get with each code

Mission 1  – Swarm of Bees

Mission 2  – Hornet Queen’s Nest

Mission 3  – Bronze Treasure Sack

Mission 4  – Silver Treasure Sack

Mission 5  – Gold Treasure Sack, Xokai UAV Drone, or Super Satellite Beam. All codes give some amount of money as well as make the enemy harder to defeat.


Hope this helped anyone looking to complete there list, and I hope you all enjoyed reading and maybe learned a thing or two about the codes. If anyone else has any other information on redemption codes please post below and I will credit you for your contribution!

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